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Token X is the new standard for digital money.

Rather than circumventing regulations and disintermediate banks, the unique approach of Token X reclaims banks’ position as the preferred supplier of cross-border payments.

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Use Cases

Token X tokenizes fiat money. Both commercial bank money (M1) and central bank money (M0). Tokenized fiat money can be used to power instant domestic and cross-border payment solutions, but also as CBDC.

All payments use cases are at a minimum, improved by Token X, or so game-changing it enables entirely new business models. Some use cases improved, or enabled by Token X include:

  • Personal remittances
  • Corporate treasury
  • Global intra-bank payments
  • Trade finance
  • Capital markets/FX trading
  • Micropayments for IoT
  • CBDC
  • Many more

Instant cross-border remittance

Token X enables instant cross-border remittances. Funds are received instantly and through a beautiful mobile app, both sender and receiver are notified immediately that the funds were received. All at a cost lower than existing remittance products.

Faster. Cheaper. More fun.

Includes all of these bank-grade benefits

  • Federated and fungible

    Get and redeem digital money from any participating bank.

  • High throughput

    Up to one million transactions per second at millisecond latency.

  • Instant settlement

    The hierarchical ledger enables instant inter-bank settlement.

  • 24x7

    Instant settlement all year round. Even when central banks are closed.

  • Low cash requirements

    More efficient cash management for banks.

  • No counterparty risk

    Be assured to receive funds at time of settlement.

  • Open, secure APIs

    Modern APIs secured with asymmetric cryptography.

  • Easy to join and deploy

    Minimum integration effort for banks to join.

  • Built-in FX

    Cross-border transactions are faster and cheaper with FX directly on the rail.

How it works

The core of Token X is a centralized shared hierarchical ledger. Rather than each bank having their own digital money ledger, Token X provides a shared ledger where all banks and their customers have digital money accounts.

There is one ledger per currency and multiple issuers

To avoid counterparty risk, inter-bank settlement is done via central bank money. For this, Token X uses the hierarchical ledger. At M1 level are commercial banks and their customers. At M0 level are the clearing banks that are connected to the currency’s RTGS.

The benefits of the hierarchical ledger is that all accounts are present in the same environment, allowing for instant debits and credits.

In addition

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Transactions are digitally signed. Not only secure but also ensures non-repudiation.


Process up to 1 million transactions per second at millisecond latency.

Open, secure APIs

Open, secure REST-based APIs.

Getting Started

It’s easy for banks to join the Token X network. Banks share their API allowing Token X to access account balance, customer information and move funds between accounts at the bank. Token X is primarily a cloud-based service, but one critical component, the Bridge Service can operate inside a bank’s DMZ for added security and privacy

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